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Phone, Computer, Social Media and Internet should be handled very carefully

Prof. Dr. Ramhari Subedi २०७६ साउन २७ गते १८:२४ मा प्रकाशित

According to Xorlogics, 2.7 million users became daily victims of Cybercrime in 2018 increased from 1 million daily victims in 2017. FBI report shows 1,509,679 Cybercrime complaints were filed in 2018 compared to the 301,580 complaints registered in 2017.

The research has shown that over 1800 people fall victim to scams every minute. It is a dreadful situation that is happening in the digital world.

Based on my research and awareness training across the US, Canada, and Nepal, most users are vulnerable using digital devices. From a basic stand point, the end users are always targeted because electronic devices aren’t as protected as the public thinks they are.

The default settings of your smart computing devices are predefined from beginning of your purchase. You are then given full administrative privilege of the systems after purchases.

Administrative system of your purchased device can be modified, changed and deleted by anyone, so make sure that you create limited accounts on the system right before using them online.

Do not ever use PHONE, FACEBOOK, COMPUTER and other ONLINE ACCOUNTS in default mode without making security changes in the accounts and on the devices you own. If you do not know how to make secure your devices and application you use, Google offers step-by-step information.

Electronic devices should be treated with caution these days.