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Nepali American Community Gathering to Discuss Georgia’s 6th Congressional District Issues

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Nepali American Community in Georgia is a strong and vibrant community with enterprising spirit, contributing greatly to the political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of Georgia. We are a part of the greater Asian American Community, that comprises almost 6% of the whole US population and is the fastest growing minority group in the US.

More and more these days, the Asian American community is making a difference in determining the elections across the country. We are the vote that is the margin of victory for key races in local, state and national elections. We have shown that when we mobilize, we can muster this pivotal vote and in return, we can hold those elected officials accountable to our community where issues that impact us are being determined in local, state, and federal governments. It is even more critical here in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District where Asian Americans make up close to 10% of registered voters. It’s a great opportunity for Nepali American Community and the greater Asian American Community here in Georgia to come together to have a discussion on what are the issues that are important to our community and show our solidarity and support for the candidate that represents our values and can advocate our issues – Jon Ossoff.

Jon Ossoff is the man who really cares about minorities, their rights and issues. He is the man who could make Donald Trump accountable to Asian American and our community at large. It’s the time of reckoning. It’s the time he needs us most. Thus, Nepali American Community in Georgia is organizing an interaction program in collaboration with Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) – Victory Fund (VF).

The details of the program are provided below.
Program: Nepali Community Meeting on Issues that Matter in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District
Time: (3:30-5:30) pm EST sharp
Date: 05/20/2017 (Sat)
Venue: Himalayan Spice Restaurant and Bar, 2773 Clairmont Road, NE Atlanta, GA 30329
Moderator: Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota

The program will also be broadcast live.
Facebook Live: Bishwa Subba, Shailendra Bajracharya

Main Speaker (Invited): Jon Ossoff, Democratic Candidate for GA’s Congressional 6th District.
Other Key Speakers:
1. Shekar Narasimhan, Chairman and Founder, AAPI-VF
2. Bel Leong-Hong, Co-Chair and Co-Founder, AAPI-VF
3. Manpreet Singh, Former Asst. Deputy Secretary of State for SE Asia, State Department
4. Chantale Wong, Coordinator, AAPI-VF
5. Hari Sharma, Nepal Co-Chair, AAPI-VF
6. Nepali/Indian/Bangladeshi/Bhutanese/Philippino/Korean American Communities’ Leaders/Representatives (1 from each community)
7. Sam Park – Asian American Department Chief – Jon Ossoff Office
8. Michael Aronsson, Field Coordinator, Jon Ossof Campaign Office, Sandy Springs
9. John Jackson, President, Young Democrats of Dekalb
10. Mohammed Mamun Sharif, Secretary General, Deshi Democrats Inc.

The program will be attended by several veteran Nepali Community Leaders including Dr. Prakash Malla, Shaubhagya Lal Shrestha, and Dr. Amreeta Regmi. It will be followed by refreshment and social interaction from 5:30 to 6:00 pm EST.