अमेरिकाबाट संचालित अनलाइन पत्रिका
काठमाडौं: ०१:४६ | Colorodo: 14:01

Hatred Anger and Resentment

Shreedhar Acharya २०७७ फागुन २८ गते १०:२३ मा प्रकाशित

Hatred Anger Resentment
Are Self-destructive weapons
Whether it may hit or not your target
It will for sure destroy you at trigger

It shows on your face
Don’t try to hide with artificial expressions
For solution, go not for their management
But for pleasantness everywhere,
Not allowing them to fire at all!

Its done best when you realize
That Everything is webbed and weaved in one single system
We illusorily feel that we are individual
But we are both Universal and Individual at the same time!

We are hopelessly one with the existence
We cannot help it
By doing all these non-sense
Do you want to hurt yourself or what?

We are hopelessly one with Existence
We cannot help it
You cannot live here as an Individual only
You are a piece of creation and the creator at the same time!

Today you are an unconscious Creator
All the mess you are now
You created it but unknowingly
You did it compulsively

By Sadhana, You start Being
A conscious creator
You can create your dream, your world
As you wish it to be!

Oh ! You miserable one
Arise from your compulsiveness
Awake to the consciousness
Arise from the slumber of your dream
Awake to the realm of Transcendence
In tune with the Cosmic Dreamer
Where Dreamer, Dreamt and Dream become One!!