अमेरिकाबाट संचालित अनलाइन पत्रिका
काठमाडौं: १४:१५ | Colorodo: 01:30

Liberate your mind !!

Shreedhar Acharya २०७७ माघ ५ गते ८:१५ मा प्रकाशित

Liberate your mind !!
Try not to control!!
Because boundlessness is your Nature!!
Make your desires limitless !!
That is your Nature!!
While going for limitless desires, turning inward is the way !!
Outward way of fulfilling desires will not quench your thirst !!
Unleash your desire and turn inward and be limitless!!

“The only way Out is In”
They say
You cannot reach the infinite by counting
1 2 3 4………….
You must dive inside
That’s where Infinity hide
If we even be king of the world
We will look upwards
To the galaxies
To conquer
If we conquer that one
We crave for another galaxy
And it’s limitless
You cannot win the Universe
It’s Boundless and always growing

If we go for Infinity materially
It’s an endless run
So only way out is in
There’s no way other! None

Zero and Infinity are same
Start and End is same
Turning inward you will be Zero
And you touch the realm of Shiva
The Boundless! The Infinite!
And quench your millennial thirst!
Hovering outside
You will be thirsty forever!
Meditating inside
You will bliss out forever!
Choice is yours!
Go try finding your way out
You will finally return in
This way or that way
You will realize for yourself
The only way out is in
The only way out is in!!


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