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Ujjwal Thakuri Broke Both World Record of Pakistan Player Muhammad Rashid

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Ujjwal Thakuri from USA broke the world record by defeating Pakistani counterpart. Ujjwal Thakuri, 6th degree Black belt American Marine Goju Karate managed to complete 83 [UT1] knee strikes in a minute wearing 5 kg ankle weight on his leg on October 11, 2020 Springfield Virginia. Ujjwal bettered the previous record holder Mohamad Rashid by Five strikes.

This record was first held by an Indian player. Within three minutes, they managed to get 71 strikes. Ujjwal Thakuri has broken the record by striking 71 in a minute February 2020. But, Mohamad Rashid broke the record of master Ujjwal Thakuri by striking 78 in February 2020 and reclaimed it. This was not the end of the game for Ujjwal Thakuri. He again striked 83 while wearing 5kg ankle weight in a minute and took the title certificate back in his hand on 11 October 2020.

Again last year on June 21, 2020 Pakistani Hero top martial arts player Muhammad Rashid broke the record “The most one leg full contact knee strikes wearing 5 kg ankle weights in three minutes is 152 and was achieved by Pakistan’s Muhammad Rashid. But it was broken by Ujjwal Sharma Thakuri once more. Now the record is “The most one leg full contact knee strikes wearing 5 kg ankle weights in three minutes is 157. The two titles one minute knee strikes and three minutes knee strikes world record title are under Ujjwal Sharma Thakuri’s name . Ujjwal Thakuri has represented the United State of America for the 9th time in the Guinness Book of world records. He lives with his wife and daughter in Springfield VA.