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Ujjwal Thakuri Again Broke the world Record of India’s Olympic Taekwondo Player

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Just last month, Ujjwal Thakuri, the creator of “Fangkary” Fang Kata, broke the world record of Sai Deepak Patel, a very young taekwondo player and hero of India who is selected playing Olympic in taekwondo from India.

Ujjwal Thakuri tied a 6 kg ankle leg and held a kick 4 feet above the ground, kicking 143 full contact kicks in three minutes, setting a world record in double digit kick strikes 56 extra kick than the Olympic Taekwondo player of India.

Mr. Patel, hero of India’s taekwondo young player set the world record by hitting 87 kicks in three minutes in 2019 but this title has now been won by Ujjwal Thakuri from 2021 from USA. To set the new world record, Ujjwal Thakuri had started the exercise of lifting weights with leg and kicking every day for three years. The fruit of hard labor and dedication is obtained.

For the first one or two months, Mr. Thakuri thought that his waist has given up , but as he continued with the practice regime with perseverance and dedication. His strict recommendation is not to try at home. Without knowledge and proper coaching, this exercise regime is extremely dangerous.

Not only that, Ujjwal Thakuri already broke the world record set by the same Indian Olympic player Bade Sai Deepak Patel by hitting 175 knees in 3 minutes 4 feet above the 2017 world record. Ujjwal Thakuri has broken this record by doing 226 knee strikes in 3 minutes 4 feet above the 2018. Ujjwal broke the record striking 51 additional kicks then the Indian Olympic player.

In other words, Ujjwal Thakuri has broken two strong records of India Olympic player fast knee strikes and fast kick. This is a testament of how strong and talented Nepal’s players are. The entire world record held by Ujjwal Thakuri is only related to martial arts. His next attempt is still ongoing.

His dream is to raise the name of both countries Nepal and the USA by setting 10 world records in martial arts. Ujjwal Thakuri is the only Nepali karate player to have won such a high degree of awards in martial arts in the United States as a Nepali and as a part of the immigrant community.

Ujjwal Thakuri’s other world records are just as dangerous. Ujjwal Thakuri’s statement is hard to break my record but whoever breaks it is really a hero and I will respect him. Now Ujjwal Thakuri’s next goal is to win the title by breaking the record of Pakistani taekwondo player Mohammad Rashid. Just wait for the next news.

Special Thanks to Team Pravasi Nepali Ekta Manch, President of USA Second Degree Black Belt Prabhu Thapa, President of BANA Subodh Bilash Pantaji, Director of International Development (Professional Development and Research Center International) Bhim Thapa Sir, Black Belt Master Bhupendra Gurung, Paru Ram Thapa, Gokul Lamichhane, Durga Bahadur Thapa, Ganesh Lamichhane, Bhauju Richa Shah, Bhauju Bhagyavati Thapa, and Muwa Laxmi Thapaji , Kul Mani Acharya, Former president of Bana and top Lok geet singer of nepal Prem Raja Mahat were for Bana’s team. who fully cooperated to make this record a successful.

Similarly, Ujjwal’s American wife Priyanka Nepal Thakuri and American daughter Elizabeth Thakuri have provided great encouragement, support and role model for Mr. Thakuri’s endless journey of Guinness World records. He thanked Taekwondo guru Krishna Bahadur Balal, all American and Nepali newspapers and organizations for encouraging businesses to set this world record and other world records.