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Even educated people refuse to take filariasis medicine in Dang

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Dang, Even the educated people here are found not taking the medicine for filariasis.

The government has been providing medicines for filariasis every year to the people under the National Programme for Prevention of Elephantiasis.

Although the ignorant people in the villages are found taking the filariasis medicine for fear of the infection, most of the people who are aware and educated avoid taking the medicine, the District Public Health Office (DPHO), Dang said.

“The people who are aware and educated do not take the medicine. The number of people taking the medicine in the urban areas and towns is even less,” Prakash Kumar Yogi, the District Public Health Officer, said.

It is stated that people avoid taking the medicine due to psychological fear and other reasons.

Health inspector Om Prakash Neupane said the poor and illiterate people take the medicine realising that they should in case of infection. However, there is problem as people who are thought to be aware and educated try to avoid taking the medicine.

The Programme for Prevention of Elephantiasis is being conducted in Dang district on February 24, 25 and 26 under which medicines would be distributed to the people free of cost. The DPHO has started sensitisation campaign in this connection.

Elephantiasis is seen in 13 per cent of the total population of the district, according to the District Public Health Office, Dang. RSS