अमेरिकाबाट संचालित अनलाइन पत्रिका
काठमाडौं: २२:२३ | Colorodo: 10:38

Beautiful Mistake – Darshana Pandey

बिआरटीनेपाल २०७४ साउन १२ गते ११:१८ मा प्रकाशित

You were like that gust of wind
That came fresh into my life
A star that was shining bright
Too far for my reach
A fluffy cloud
Too soft to feel
You were perfect
Too perfect
Approached me with love
And sweet words stuck to your tongue
Kindness was overly done
You made me fall
Wish it had scraped my knee
But you broke my heart
And scarred me
Took my life away from me
The crime was really well done
But now it’s time
To pay me back
And reap just what you sow
Add though you were
Just the perfect crime
A beautiful mistake
I will take back what is mine
And forget you.