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विआरटि नेपाल सम्बाददाता

Published on September 9, 2016 at 8:16 am

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For immediate release

Recently held Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA) board meeting have decided to call for an election and formed an Election Commission according to its bylaws to conduct the election of ANA Officers by end of December 2016. The following life members and past executives of ANA are appointed as election commissioners:

Shailendra Sukla, FL          Chair of Election Commission

Naveen Dutta, CO              Co-Chair of Election Commission

Anil Pathak, VA                   Member of Election Commission

Details of the election schedule will be made public by election commission. According to the revised bylaws, for the first time the election of the officers will be held for the duration of 3 years. Previously, ANA officers use to hold their position for the period of 2 years only.


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