100 houses at risk of displacement in Parbat

Published on August 10, 2016 at 5:17 am


Phalebas ( Parbat), Aug 10: Some 100 houses in Parbat are at risk of displacement due to incessant rains and landslides in this monsoon.

The intensity of monsoon has affected the district life, according to Chief District Officer Shambu Prasad Marasini. So far floods have displaced a dozen families. Six households at Majhphant in the northern part of the district have been completely displaced.

He said 21 families at Bhangara-2, 22 at Deurali-6, 25 at Kushma Municipality-1 and 25 residing on the river banks at Maldhunga are facing high risk of displacement.

The District Natural Disaster Committee said it was informed seven families at Banskharka and 25 at Majhphant are under high threat of landslides and it is working to shift them to safer places.

It may be noted that 12-year-old Ankita Tamang had died and others eight were injured when a landslide buried the Dhaulagiri Cotton Factory building at Majhphant in the night of July 27.RSS


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